Brownsville Texas
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Great bird watching photography training area! The Resaca waterway is great habitat for feeding shoreline and wetlands bird varieties. Enjoy the surrounding trees and plentiful feeders that attract many other colorful bird species. Capture each species on digital media for your gallery collections!
Brownsville Texas
This Causeway is a favorite viewing location and nearby. Plenty of shoreline possibilities to watch birds at low tide. Keep a Tidal Ap on your phone for timing and planning! Roseate Spoonbill are a colorful species to watch. Beautiful early morning lighting and sunset evenings for your photo compositions. A highly recommend. Paul - AllTheBirds Field Photography.
Brownsville Texas
City Landfill. A rare hill in Texas! A hidden gem location for Bird Watchers! The Landfill Operations welcome Bird Watchers to park and watch the huge flocks of gulls, ravens and other species for a productive adventure of bird study and photography. Shallow drainage ponds attract roosting Roseate Spoonbills, egrets and waders. Digiscope compositions at sunrise! A highly recommend. Paul - AllTheBirds Field Photography.
Escondido California
Lake Hodges is a excellent bird watching destination for spotting and digiscoping. Huge reservoir with barbecue areas & picnic tables, popular for kayaking, sailing & fishing. Easy trail walking and shoreline hiking when the water level is low gets you opportunities to view falcons, loons, grebes, egrets, flycatchers and many other species with great composition and light for photographic journals. A highly recommend! Paul - AllTheBirds Field Photography.
Gilbert Arizona
Zanjero Park is a fabulous easy walking area to view Burrowing Owls. Arizonas desert climate, 20-acre park featuring walking & equestrian trails & a burrowing owl habitat. A recommend! Paul - AlltheBirds Field Photography.
Gilbert Arizona
The Riparian Preserve is an expansive natural area with 7 ponds & hiking trails, plus an observatory.​​​​​​​ Birders and photographers from all parts of the U.S. and Canada visit during the winter season to view all types of egrets, waders, divers, dabblers, scaups, songbirds and raptors. A highly recommend! Paul - AlltheBirds Field Photography.
Newport Beach California
The Upper Back Bay in Newport Beach is my favorite place to explore, bird watch and digiscope. Years of fabulous viewings of all types of riparian and coastal birds, this tidal marshland has many walking trails for access to view bird behaviors and photography. Black Skimmers, Long- billed Curlews, Rufous Hummingbirds, Northern Harriers, American Kestrels and White-tailed Kites. A highly recommend! Paul - AlltheBirds Field Photography.
Brownsville Texas International Airport
Airlines have guidelines for baggage, we all know and understand. For Digiscope enthusiasts, our gear is precious, we know how to use it in combination with digital camera gear and prefer to have with us when on a Birding Safari! Tripods, scope modules, digital cameras, plus our clothing selections for climate comforts. Precious cargo into 2 or 3-bags. 
1.  Camera Gear backpack personal item and/or 1-allowable small carry-on. The small baggage on wheels will fit the scope and modules and be with you on-board.
2. Large check through baggage to include your tripod. Weight is a measure to consider, 50lbs maximum; tripods with ball heads get heavy. 
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