... and I designed this Gallery and took all the images. It was one day while walking the Upper Back Bay I noticed someone with a small telescope ... may I ask what this is? Sure, take a look! Sharp crisp images in close view. That's how I discovered Spotting Scopes and decided to go all-in. Researching optiks, I chose Swarovski. Now geared up with a quality field spotting scope and my Nikon, it was a daily adventure to walk the upper Back Bay in Newport Beach watching all the amazing birds and by coupling my Nikon to the Swarovski scope, I was then filming what I was seeing zoomed in ... Amazing! 
Sharing the resulting Digiscope photos, I soon gained recognition with the California Coastal Commission in San Francisco, the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa and Swarovski Optik HQ in Austria. The Deserts are Alive series was filmed in the Arizona Sonoran Desert and Superstition Mountains. Now living in Texas, I enjoy exploring the Rio Grande Valley of Brownsville Texas, filming the marshland, prairie and coastal birdlife. Together with mirrorless cameras, Apple Computers, Adobe software, carbon tripods, fluid mounting heads, camera monitors, HD Scope Optics and a passion for filming nature, I continue to film in the field and publish for you my gallery of All the Birds.